Who We Are

LatinON, with offices currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Las Mercedes, Caracas, extends its staff to better serve all customers in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

LatinON is a specialized agency that helps Hispanic media to monetize their online Video inventory, as well as Display, Mobile and Ad Special Units. LatinOn strategy is based on creating innovative products, partnerships with key agencies in the United States and strong technological strength to support the growth of associated media.


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Linda Ramirez
Country Manager – Director

Linda is one of the founders of LatinON and now, in addition to his duties as Country Manager is part of the Group of Company Directors.

e-mail: ramirez@latinongroup.com


José Luis Mejias
Ads Operations Manager

José worked in companies such as El Universal, IESA and most recently as Project Manager at IBM. Joseph comes to lead the administration and trafficking of all products LatinON as: Video Solutions, Special Ad Units and the SSP with Display and Mobile.

e-mail: jmejias@latinongroup.com

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Anffer Castillo
Systems Development Manager

Anffer is a Telecommunications Engineer and Specialist Web Application Development. He worked in prestigious media companies and development companies. Anffer is responsible for the support, implementation and development of products for LatinOn and also the architecture of user interfaces.

e-mail: acastillo@latinongroup.com


Ernesto Guevara
Online Trafficker Manager – Special Ad Units

Ernesto has over 10 years experience in media and online companies. Ernesto is the leader responsible for trafficking of special units such as Page Under, Slider and Video Video Overay.

e-mail: ernesto@latinongroup.com

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Jorge Sanchez
Online Trafficker Manager – Video

Jorge has over 10 years of experience in media communication, and international agencies such as Publicis and McCann Erickson. Jorge is the leader responsible for trafficking units as Inbanner Video, Video Players and Video applications.

e-mail: jsanchez@latinongroup.com


Richard Rivas
Coordinator of communications and marketing

Richard has a degree in social communication organizational mention, has worked in several companies specializing in telecommunications and social media. Now part of the team LatinOn, content manager, public relations and marketing of the company.

e-mail: rrivas@latinongroup.com

Yuliannis Torres
Sales and Marketing


Yuliannis is a student of computer engineering , with extensive experience in customer service and sales implemented at national and international level. Now part of the team LatinOn in the area of sales and customer tracking.

e-mail: Ytorres@latinongroup.com

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Stefany Espejo
Multimedia Content Coordinator – News

Stefany worked in multimedia animation for several projects like 3D animated, documentaries news, movies and shows. Currently she coordinates and publishes daily news video of LatinON

e-mail: sespejo@latinongroup.com


Yusmary Rivero
Administrative Coordinator

Yusmary is sales manager and has over 10 years experience in sales and after sales support to several consulting firms. Yusmary will support the team in the administrative coordination

e-mail: yrivero@latinongroup.com


Risbel Mendoza

Risbel is a professional with over 15 years of experience in the digital area
She has worked in various consulting firms, Media, and Hispanic Network.
She was one of the founders of the Network of Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos in 2011 and in 2014 founded LatinON, one of the largest providers of Video in the US Hispanics market.
Risbel serves as COO, she is one of the company directors and is in charge of Client Service in USA.

e-mail: risbel@latinongroup.com