Video Solutions

We are the Video Platform that adapts to your needs.

We generate our own content and also work with authorized Video sources.
We are the easiest way to add a Video Solution to your Site, also offering First Class Advertising with Brand safety, Ad safety, viewability and transparency.

We offer a complete solution including Video Content, the Video Player and Video Advertising.

Video Inbanner

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.57.04 PM 

Large Video Player

It is a video within a traditional rectangular banner that contains content "lite" and video advertising.
CPM much higher than traditional banner
Format: 300×250 pixels
Server: Run in advertising server within a traditional banner
GeoTarget: USA
Fill Rate: 100%
  It is a video player larger than 400×300
You can select sections such as entertainment, sports, news
CPMs high, usually more than one printing section
Appearance and adaptable style, the same style of your page