Special Ad Units

We offer a wide range of different Special Advertising formats for our Publishers, which are implemented as an Interstitials without affecting the traditional ad space, creating additional income at very attractive prices.
We provide creative variety including Video Popup, Overlay, PageUnder, Video Slider, Impact Display and more.

If you’re a Publisher and would like to include Special Units Advertising on your site, please contact us.



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Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.57.04 PM

Video Slider


It is a page that opens in a new browser, behind, or open link in new tap of the browser behind the actual tap, without taking the user out of the website page, minimizing the impact on user navigation.
Much higher CPMs than traditional banner
Server: Run under the source code
GeoTarget USA and LATAM
Frequency: 1 user per hour (this can be adjusted)
  It is a floating unit that is activated when you click or view the page.
GeoTarget: USA, LATAM and Spain
Much higher CPMs than traditional banner
Server: runs on a Ad server and aldo inside a traditional banner.
Frequency: It can be controlled by users, pages and time.
  It is a video that slides out from the bottom right corner of the Website page, closes automatically after running for 30 seconds, or can be closed by the user manually.
Server: Run under source codes or ad server.
GeoTarget: USA
Frequency: 1 user per day